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What is early dance?

About The Early Dance Consort | What is Early Dance?

To newcomers to the world of early dance it may come as a surprise to discover that there are hundreds of documents which record the social dances of the European Courts in the Renaissance and Baroque eras - from the early fifteenth century to the late eighteenth century and beyond.

Having lain largely forgotten in archives for many years, since the later years of the 20th century the dances preserved in these sources have enjoyed a new Renaissance. Thanks to the work of early dance specialists around the world, they have been given new life for audiences in recent times, in the same way that the music of past centuries has been revived with the aid of research into early instruments and playing practices.

The Early Dance Consort has been responsible for bringing this fascinating repertoire to light in classes, workshops, lectures, balls and performances for audiences in Sydney and around Australia.

Dance Notation: Gavotte du Roy