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Class Schedule & Details

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Classes will run observing any vaccination, masking, hygiene & physical distancing requirements following NSW Government Health guidelines

Class Schedule 2023

Term 1 10 weeks 2 February - 6 April all Thursdays from 6.15pm
Term 2 10 weeks 27 April - 29 June  during NSW School Term Times
Term 3 9 weeks # 20 July - 21 September # # NB Except August 3
 Term 4 10 weeks 12 October - 14 December
Nov 16 Spring Ball
Dec 14 Christmas Party

2023 Class Brochure

Class Schedule 2024

Classes run on Thursday evenings from 6.15pm during NSW School Term times   

Term 1 10 weeks 1 February - 11 April # # Except Feb. 15
Term 2 10 weeks 2 May - 4 July  
Term 3 9 weeks # 25 July - 26 September # NB Except August 3
 Term 4 10 weeks 17 October - 19 December Christmas Party Dec 19

Location & Time

Venue Upper Hall, Presbyterian School Hall, 181 Blues Point Road, North Sydney
  A short walk from buses and trains at North Sydney Station,
on left-hand-side as you go down Blues Point Road, just before Lavender Street
Google Map Link
Times Thursday Evenings - during school term time
  Beginners' Class: 6.15pm - 7.45pm
  Students may arrive from 6.00pm on, change & be ready to begin at 6.15pm
  Advanced Class: 7.45pm - 9.15pm (by invitation)
  Advanced students may join the Beginners' class if numbers permit (no extra charge)
Fees Payable per term, by Direct Deposit/Osko/PayID (no cash please - see class brochure for bank details for "The Early Dance Consort" or contact us about alternatives)

Fees - Invoiced by Term
* Please note these are a guide only and may be subject to change

Enrolment type T 1, 2, 4, 2023
(10 weeks)
T 3, 2023
(9 weeks)
Trial Class Free Free First week of term, after which full fee applies
Individual   $220 $200 Invoiced for full or half term (COVID dependent)
Couple $430 $390        & when paid in one transaction
Student $195 $175 Full-time students (proof required)
Casual Class $30/$25 $30/$25 Initial/subsequent - offered at our discretion

Advice re COVID-19

Classes will run observing any applicable hygiene requirements (such as vaccination, masking, hand hygiene, cleaning, distancing etc., which previously applied) following NSW Government Health guidelines.

BOOKING: please phone/email before attending, providing your contact details to confirm a place in the class.

For the safety of all, students are urged to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated, and encouraged to get booster and flu shots as appropriate.

Please get a COVID-19 test and stay home if you are at all unwell, following all NSW Health guidelines.

 Hand gel will be available, ventilation maximised, and masks optional.

Please bring your own water and snacks.

ABSENCES: Enrolled students, please advise if you are unable to attend a class. Credit for missed classes is at our discretion.

This information is accurate at the time of writing, but may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Dancing School - Playford

What to wear for dance classes

Generally for all classes we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing with room to move for warm-up exercises and dancing. Full skirts, loose or stretch trousers, and shorts are fine. Narrow or full-length skirts and tight or low-slung trousers are not recommended.

Shoes - You may have suitable street shoes. We understand that buying special dance shoes can be expensive. Comfort and safety are most important. Bare feet, joggers or comfortable, light street shoes may be suitable if that's what you're used to. High heels, stilettos, rubber or heavy-soled shoes or boots are not appropriate.

For Renaissance Dance - Flexible flat-soled shoes secured with elastic, straps or laces:-

For Baroque Dance - Flexible, low-heeled shoe with elastic, straps or laces, e.g. for women:-

For both Renaissance and Baroque - suitable for men and women:-

Dance Shoes (18th C)

We recommend that you are fitted for dance shoes, to ensure safety and comfort.

See Bloch - for information about types of shoes, sizing, fitting for dance,
and list of retail stores in Sydney and interstate.

Dressmaker's Shop c1775


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