The Early Dance Consort


About the courseQueen Elizabeth I

The Renaissance dance course explores the range of dance in Elizabethan England, from stately Measures, nimble Galliards and English Country Dances to provincial Branles, stepping Almains & suave Ballets imported from France, Germany and Italy.

Louis XIV as ApolloThe Baroque dance course introduces the noble dance style of the French court of Louis XIV. The “Sun King” was not only a skilled dancer, but the greatest patron of the art, ensuring that French dance set the standard around the world. Even today, French dance terms & aristocratic style can be seen in classical ballet, and music students learn to play Minuets, Gavottes & Sarabandes from the baroque suites of his time.

Renaissance and Country Dances are offered in two morning sessions each day, with Baroque Dance in the afternoons. These can be taken separately, or in combination. Students new to early dance are encouraged to attend from Wednesday, as the earlier sessions introduce steps, figures & terms used later in the week.

The dances range from sedate to energetic. Sessions include warm-up exercises, instruction in deportment, steps, movements & dance figures. Notes will be provided on the dances taught.

No previous dance experience is required, nor do you need to bring a partner.

The Course is ideal for musicians, actors, singers and anyone interested in historical performance practice, from early music to movement & deportment for period theatre productions. And, of course, dancing is great fun!